Axim Managed Retirement Solutions and Participating In Your Company’s Retirement Plan

Managed Retirement Solutions

Axim like to explain how its managed retirement solution is an intelligent investment for both you and your employees. you may already know that offering retirement benefits is a low cost high yield way to demonstrate your investment in employees and that doing so can help you find and keep talented employees on the job but fewer employers are aware that there are alternatives to traditional retirement plans that could help you maximize this benefit.

AMRS is one of those alternatives because unlike typical retirement plans that can often limit employees choices to poor quality or high-cost investment options. AMRS offers over 25 different fiduciary selected fun choices and five different risk models allowing your employees to customize their retirement savings and to better help your employees with their investment choices.

AMRS has an online questionnaire through first let them reflect on what their long-term retirement goals are and then propose a strategy that will help your employees achieve them.

Another way that AMRS tries to maximize your employee’s retirement benefit is through active management. It may sometimes seem like typical retirement plans are only focused on long-term growth because they leave their investors to ride out the ups and downs of market volatility which can be a bumpy ride for some.

In AMRS’ is active management platform, we continually analyzed market data and attempt to smooth out some of those bumps in the road. Hopefully, this can improve how much your employees value their retirement benefits as well as how much money they get when the time actually comes but ultimately your employees are going to judge your retirement benefits on one single factor alone.

how much money they end up with that retirement and it’s here where Axim’s service fee provides a distinct advantage over the typical retirement plan and it’s easy to understand since Axim’s service rate is significantly lower than the national average your employees start their retirement accounts with more funds compared to the typical account which of course allows them to earn more money off those additional funds over time.

So how much lower our service fee is compared to your current provider is basically the amount of value we can add to your retirement benefit for your employees.

6 Reasons to Participate in Company’s Retirement Plan

Today I’ve got 6 reasons why you should participate in your company’s retirement plan

#1. Its “Adulating” at its best.

#2. You probably won’t miss the money or miss the money less because it’s coming out of your check before you even receive it.

#3. You don’t pay federal or state income taxes on money that you defer into the plan out of your paycheck fewer taxes.

#4. The Employer contribution matching is free money; if you don’t do it you don’t get it, don’t shortchange yourself.

#5. Social Security alone probably won’t be enough to provide you with the lifestyle that you want.

#6. Time in the market allows you to take advantage of the power of compounding more is usually more!


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